Stories told. Impacts measured.

We train scientists to tell stories on stage about really human topics. Like failure.

Getting scientists to the front lines.

We continue to refine a documentary storytelling workshop model that incorporates community engagement, immersion, and client feedback.

Partnering for new story experiments.

We convene on producers, psyschologists, and scientists for experimental projects that push the limits. We measure the impact of our experiments in K12 classrooms, minority communities, and the digital public.

Workshops & Training for Scientists

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Empirical Research on Story Impact

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Stories for the K12 Classroom

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Special Projects & Innovation

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Recent Work


Sci­en­tists with Sto­ries is a now a non-profit orga­ni­za­tion. We thank the folks of Innovate@Carolina and the UNC More­head Plan­e­tar­ium for sup­port­ing our past suc­cess and excit­ing transition.

Look for new projects and con­tent com­ing in 2015.

Updates and Stories

#ScienceFail on Upworthy features #ScienceFail

  We’re flat­tered. Really. Over the past four days, Rachael Bloom’s #Sci­ence­Fail story has received almost 80,000 views on Vimeo. The folks at selected it for fea­ture. And peo­ple...

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#ScienceFail hits YouTube and SoundCloud

You asked for it. So, here it is — a dig­i­tal win­dow into our smash hit #Sci­ence­Fail event in part­ner­ship with The Monti. Thanks to UNC News for pro­duc­ing this short...


Our #ScienceFail Champion Storytellers

Locked. Loaded. Ready to fail. We are on the eve of our #sci­ence­FAIL live sto­ry­telling event. The final lineup of blast­phe­mous sto­ry­tellers chron­i­cling their epic fail­ures in sci­ence are the...


#ScienceFail | Our Nobel Laureate Storyteller

In 2007, a British-born pathol­o­gist and UNC pro­fes­sor Dr. Oliver Smithies flew to Stock­holm. It wasn’t just another sci­ence con­fer­ence. He was off to receive a Nobel Prize in Phys­i­ol­ogy....

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#ScienceFail in co-production with The Monti

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”  - Thomas Edison As sci­en­tists, we all know that the process of doing sci­en­tific research is never a straight...


We have returned — from a workshop like no other

THE entire crew from Sci­en­tists with Sto­ries, workshop-ers included, have safely returned from a wildly  suc­cess­ful week learn­ing and prac­tic­ing the doc­u­men­tary form in Man­teo, NC. Surely every­one left with...

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The Grand Poobah of #SciComm — Carl Zimmer — speaks on science and film

When the grand mas­ter of sci­ence com­mu­ni­ca­tion, Carl Zim­mer, speaks, we the folks of SwS listen. Carl (as I like to call him) talks with film­maker and founder of Imag­ine...

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Little Monsters and Snake Lovers, meet Science.

Here at Duke, three botanists recently named a botan­i­cal genus after Lady Gaga. Rolling Stone called. The New York Times picked it up. The media was abuzz about, yup,  ferns....

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Missed our info meeting? G+ Hangout to the rescue!

Inspired by other groups using Google Hang­out for broad­cast­ing amaz­ing things (i.e., astro­nauts), we boldly tested the waters. Here you can view the 30-minute vir­tual info ses­sion we hosted on...

2013 Workshop Flyer

Enrollment open for our 2013 workshop for science media

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